I Need Money Now: What Should I Do?

I Need Money Now: What Should I Do?
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It is possible to find yourself in a situation where you need money now, but friends and relatives cannot help. However, the good news is that there is still a way to fix the money problem.

A payday loan is the fastest alternative to get money for an emergency. A payday loan is a brilliant idea because of the reasons below:

  • Convenient: You can apply for the loan wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection. The borrowing process does not involve paperwork or many hassles.
  • Fast: Applying and receiving money takes at most twenty-four hours. So, it is perfect for solving an emergency right away.
  • No credit check: People with poor credit scores or no credit are eligible for a payday loan.
  • You can get money for anything: The lenders do not care about what you do with the money. Payday loans can get used for anything. It can be fixing a vehicle, buying new home items, paying school fees, settling a medical bill, etc. The money you get is not only for emergencies.
  • No prepayment penalties: You can clear your debt before the due date. There are no penalties for repaying early.
  • Safe and secure: Payday loans are the safest and most secure way of getting money. The government regulates the services, implying that customers get quality products. In addition, since the borrowing process takes place online, you do not need to worry about giving your details to fake companies. Legit lenders ensure keeping your data safe.

What to Do If You Need Money ASAP?

It is vital to consider your financial state before borrowing money. However, at times getting a loan is a perfect way to finance a project or a purchase you cannot afford upfront. We listed several widespread reasons people need emergency money now.

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  1. Remodeling a house
  2. You may need money to upgrade your home or perform urgent repairs like correcting electrical wiring or plumbing.

  3. Moving
  4. If you need to relocate to a new place, you will need at least a few hundred dollars. If you do not have that amount at hand, a payday loan will be suitable.

  5. Emergency
  6. Sudden emergencies include funeral costs or medical bills. Borrowing money is the perfect way to get money fast today.

  7. Buying appliances
  8. You might suddenly need to purchase a dryer or a washer, but your money is insufficient. A load will enable you to get the appliances.

  9. Wedding costs
  10. The average money needed for a wedding is a few thousand dollars. Couples that cannot afford such an amount can take a chance to borrow.

  11. Vacation
  12. Vacation can cost enough to require borrowing money. It can be a honeymoon, an anniversary, or your graduation. Whatever it is, a loan will help you get everything you need to have a good time.

How Can I Get Money Right Now?

You can get money now from banks and other lenders. They are the following:

Payday loans

Lending companies allow borrowers to send an application indicating the amount they need. The loan application process is not complicated, and the requests get approved within one day or a few hours. After that, customers only have to ensure they choose a legit lender with reasonable rates.

Credit unions

You can seek payday alternatives from credit unions. The loans are more customer-friendly than costly payday loans. However, you may need to be a credit union member to be eligible to borrow.

Peer-to-peer loans

The loans allow borrowers to get money from a group of people instead of a bank or any other financial company. The lending service has lower interest rates and is more accessible than other lending firms.

Borrowing from friends or relatives

Borrowing cash from family or friends is a less expensive way of getting the money you need urgently. You only have to ensure you refund it on the agreed date to avoid ruining your relationship with them.

How to Use Payday Loans to Get Money Now

There are many ways to get money today. For example, you can sell items on eBay or do a freelance job. Irrespective of the many ways to earn money now, you have a few hours to tackle it when there is an emergency. However, most methods of getting money are not quick enough.

For example, you cannot wait for the client to pay for your graphic design project to fix your vehicle, and neither will you wait for one week for people to purchase your item on eBay. The only way to get money now is through a payday loan.

A payday loan does not have stringent demands for credit ratings like bank loans. An average lender can give you money if you are above eighteen years old and have a reliable income.

What Happens When You Apply to Get Money Now?

After applying for a payday loan, LoanSolution lender will process your request. Most lenders start by running credit checks on borrowers’ accounts. The assessment examines credit history, including how a person used his bank accounts and credit cards. If you have ever defaulted on payment or paid late, your credit score will be low.

For most lenders, poor credit ratings imply your lending terms will be worse to the point where your loan request may get rejected. However, you should not worry if you go to a lender that enables you to get money now. As long as you can repay the money, the issues you have had in the past do not matter.

The lenders, however, will still perform some checks to be sure they are not making a mistake in giving you money. For example, some companies may carry out soft checks to see how you have used your cash recently and if you have pending payments. Others may only require you to present income details.

If your request gets approved, you have to fill in a check that includes the money you borrowed and the fees the lender charges. You will leave the check with the lending company to use when claiming their cash on the due date.

You can also allow the lender to take money from your bank account. Then, if you cannot repay on time, you can rollover to get more time.

Get online Instant Cash you need
Get online Instant Cash you need
Get online Instant Cash you need

Alternative Ways to Get Money Fast

There are other ways to get money now besides borrowing. Here are a few of them.

  1. Sell items you no longer use.
  2. Things like an old smartphone, tablet, or laptop are what you can sell when you need money urgently. In addition, various websites allow people to sell electronic items.

  3. Pawn something
  4. Pawnshop loans are not a good alternative. However, they are fast, and if you cannot repay, the lender keeps the item you gave as collateral. This is much better than having your credit ruined.

    You may also sell items to the pawnshop instead of using the product to borrow. The things you can sell include firearms, musical instruments, and jewelry.

  5. Online jobs
  6. There are legit online jobs that will enable you to get cash quickly. They range from driving people and freelance home tasks. Some websites even offer short-term housekeeping and food service jobs.

  7. Payroll advance
  8. Most employers can give employees cash advances on their pay. Getting the money comes with no fees. Instead, you repay through payroll deduction.

    Still, some organizations can offer affordable loans to employees in crisis. Apart from that, some apps give people advances that pay a considerable sum on their payday without interest. However, you might need to make a donation and provide your bank account details.

  9. Credit card cash advance
  10. A cash advance is the most affordable way to get money if you are a credit card owner with good ratings. However, you will get charged a fee of around 5% of the sum you receive. In addition, the interest is about 30%.

  11. Payday alternatives
  12. Credit unions, for instance, offer short-term cash advances. They do not charge above 28% yearly percentage rate. This is not cheap, but it is not as costly as payday loans.

  13. Rent out a house
  14. Online platforms for Airbnb are not only for companies owning vacation homes. In addition, there is room for people who need money to rent out their houses.

  15. Be a dog sitter
  16. If you are a dog person, you can check out websites that match dog owners with sitters and walkers. You can host someone’s pet or stay at the owner’s place. If you prefer the latter, you can also consider renting out your house while away to make more money.

  17. Be a delivery or ride share driver.
  18. You can do weekend or evening jobs if you have a vehicle and gas. Some companies connect you to people interested in paying for rides and delivery services.


There are many ways to get cash with no job or obtain some extra money in addition to what you earn. However, if you have an emergency, the ways might not be effective because they are not fast enough. Payday loans give people access to the cash they require as soon as possible.

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Carl Packman
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