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Ohio is a vibrant representative of the Midwest. There are many old towns that remember the first presidents, the Great Depression, and the post-war years. The state has a highly-developed economy and is one of the top 10 US states in terms of GDP.

If Ohio became an independent nation, it would take 20th place among the richest world countries. About 8% of the state’s GDP accounts for the financial economy (banking facilities, insurance enterprises, etc.) Ohio is also a major center of scientific research in the USA, which is developing in the field of medicine, agricultural industry, aeronautics, power economy, and space exploration.

But despite all this, Ohio has a fairly large poverty rate – 13.54%. This means that more than 1.5 million locals need financial support. That is why Ohio payday loans are so popular. So if you live in this state and want to borrow some extra money, check out the information you need to know.

Ohio Payday Loans Laws & Regulations

Ohio payday loans are legal but are subject to certain restrictions under Ohio Rev. statute. Code Ann. 1321.35 et seq. Until 2018, the state was one of the most high-priced to take a cash advance. But the situation changed with the advent of new amendments to the law. Now, you can take out a loan on affordable terms, but you still need to be aware of some restrictions.

  • Term. The minimum debt repayment period in Ohio is 91 days, and if you want to repay the loan earlier, you need to negotiate the conditions with your lender. The maximum payday loan term is 1 year.
  • Loan amount. The payday loan limit is $1 000 from one lender. It is also possible to borrow money from several lenders at once, provided that the total amount of debt does not exceed $2 500. The minimum amount of payday loans in Ohio is not specified; it is usually equal to $100.
  • Charge limits. The loan cost, including all fees, cannot exceed 60% of the original amount. The limit on finance charges is 10% or $30. If your loan amount is $500 or more, you will get a 2% origination charge. The collection fee must not exceed $20 for one loan. In addition, the military receives payday loans without any fees.
  • Rollovers. No rollovers are allowed for payday loans OH.
  • Number of outstanding loans. You are allowed to take only one loan from one lender.

Requirements to Qualify for a Payday Loan in Ohio

Payday loans are available to anyone who meets their requirements. However, there are not so many of them, so it will not be difficult for you to take out a loan in Ohio. Review the following eligibility criteria to see if you qualify.

  • Age. Borrowing money is a responsible decision. Therefore, lenders do not provide cash advances in Ohio to people under 18.
  • Place of residence. Payday loans in Ohio are available only to US residents. Registration in Ohio is not required.
  • Income. As with all other types of loans, you must have a stable and regular income to receive a payday cash advance in Ohio. The minimum amount of earnings is traditionally $800 per month.
  • Checking account. Your bank account must be active and have a positive balance in order for the lender to credit you with money.
Get online Instant Cash you need
Get online Instant Cash you need
Get online Instant Cash you need

What Is the Application Process For a Payday Loan in Ohio?

The process of applying for payday loans online in Ohio is very simple. You can do this on the go or sitting at home in your favorite pajama, and that is why so many people prefer online lenders over in-store loans. And since we assist our clients throughout the whole process of getting cash advances in Ohio, check out step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a loan online.

Choose your lender


If you are new to online lending, you may be confused by the large number of companies that offer payday loans in Ohio. The first thing you should pay attention to is the terms of the loan and the charges a lender imposes. After all, not all companies charge you maximum fees; some lenders offer more favorable conditions for the convenience of their clients.

Decide on the loan amount

It can be very tempting to borrow a large amount of money when you have such an opportunity. But do not give in to this temptation. Apply only for the amount you need for a specific purpose. Do not forget that the more money you take, the more you need to pay back.

Fill out the application properly

The loan application includes information about your place of work, income, and expenses. Some people try to gloss over their accomplishments and provide information that does not reflect the actual situation in an attempt to increase their chances of being approved for a loan. But lying can have only the opposite effect. Keep in mind that lenders always check the details of your financial records, so they can easily determine if you were dishonest in your application. It is not difficult to guess that they will not give money to such an unreliable client.

Moreover, fill out the application carefully to avoid any mistakes. When you fill in all the fields, re-read the form to make sure everything is correct. One mistake could cost you a loan.

Provide the required documents

The application alone is not enough to get a loan. You also need to provide certain documents to convince the lender that you are reliable and creditworthy. So, here’s what you might need:

  • ­Valid ID or passport
  • ­Social Security Number
  • ­Proof of employment and stable income
  • ­Bank card information

Moreover, you will need to provide your phone number and email address so that the lender can contact you to clarify the loan terms.

Wait for approval and get your money

Approval traditionally takes little time. You can find out if the lender gives you a loan just within an hour after applying. If the answer is positive, the money will be credited to your bank account within 1-2 business days (depending on the lender). The fastest online cash advance in Ohio can be found at LoanSolution.

How Quickly Can I Get a Payday Loan In Ohio?

People do not like to wait, especially when it comes to money matters. Moreover, the speed of loan accrual can play a decisive role in choosing a lender. For example, if you need money urgently (to pay off a debt, go to the doctor, buy expensive life-saving drugs, fix a car, etc.), you will contact a lender who can give you money as soon as possible.

That is why LoanSolution is so popular – we never make our clients wait long. We review tons of applications every day to help people reach their financial goals in the shortest possible time. By contacting LoanSolution, the money will come to your bank account within one day after you are approved.

Can I Get Ohio Payday Loans With Bad Credit?

Most people choose payday loans if they have no credit history or a low FICO score. And lenders make advances for such clients since they understand that anything can happen in life and everyone deserves to get financial assistance despite past negative experiences. Thus, you can get Ohio payday loans even if your credit score is less than perfect. Since most payday loan lenders do not check your credit history, they need to ascertain your creditworthiness in some other way. So they decide on your eligibility based on the amount and regularity of your income. If your credit history leaves much to be desired, but the income is stable, the probability that you will get a loan is high.

Moreover, a short-term cash advance is a great opportunity to rebuild your credit score. The better your credit profile, the more favorable loan offers in Ohio you can get. But do not forget to pay off the debt on time. Otherwise, late payments will only aggravate your situation and lead to even greater financial difficulties.

Where Can I Get a Payday Loan In Ohio?


One of the ways to get a fast cash advance in Ohio is to visit a loan agency in your area. You can find many in-store lenders that grant payday loans in the state. The best of them include:

  • Ohio Cash Advance
  • Advance America
  • Check Cash Loans
  • Cash Plus
  • First Check Cash Advance
  • Check `n Go
  • Express Cash Advance
  • 1F Cash Advance
  • ACE Cash Express

If you are looking for a faster and easier way to get extra money, you should consider online payday loans in Ohio. Although some of the agencies mentioned above provide their services online, the majority of users still opt for LoanSolution. Why?

  • Large audience coverage. It does not matter which US state you live in. You will never run out of money while you are with LoanSolution.
  • Great experience. We have been providing lending services for over 20 years. But at the same time, we do not stop developing and are always looking for ways to make our company better for you.
  • Transparency. We do not take hidden fees and do not try to cash in on our clients. We only help you find the right loan offer and do not charge you for this.
  • Best loan offers. We carefully analyze the online lending market and find dozens most reliable offers so that you have many decent options to choose from.
  • Fast and easy approval. Your chances of getting a loan in Ohio increase if you use LoanSolution – our approval rate is 90%. It may take you 15 minutes to 1 hour to get approved. What’s more, the money will be credited to your account within the same day.
  • Safety. We use secure internet connections and innovative data encryption technology, so your private information is 100% safe.

How to Repay Ohio Payday Loan?

Once you get a payday loan in Ohio, you can spend the money for anything you want, but you must repay the debt in full by its due date. The easiest way to do this is to use your bank debit card. The loan payment will be deducted from your account automatically on the due date. If there is not enough money on your account or you miss a payment for any reason, you will be charged a late fee. Your debt is considered discharged when you make your last payment.


Payday loan in Ohio is a good way to get extra money on favorable terms. If you are an adult resident of the United States with a stable income, you will easily get approved even if your credit score is low. LoanSolution is always happy to help you if you need a fast cash advance from a reliable lender. You will never run into hidden fees, opaque terms, and unfair lenders. Just go to LoanSolution, fill out a simple application, and get your money within a day!

Apply for instant payday loaninOhio
Apply for instant payday loan
Apply for instant payday loan
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Are Payday Loans Available in Ohio?

Yes, payday loans are highly available in Ohio from multiple loan lenders. When applying, you can take advantage of competitive APR rates, policies, and more. However, since state laws highly regulate payday loans, applicants need to meet some requirements to be able to apply with legit loan lenders.

How Many Installment Loans Can You Have in Ohio?

The state laws of Ohio allow users to take one installment loan at a time from one lender. It means that while you can take more than one loan, it cannot be from the same loan lender. Also, the larger your liabilities, the more difficult it becomes to get loan approval.

Can You Have Two Payday Loans in Ohio?

Yes, you may have two payday loans in Ohio. However, you will not get it from the same lender. In addition, the terms for the second loan may not be very favorable, and negotiation may not be an option because lenders are not much in favor of giving another loan when the applicant already has a loan liability. They consider the situation a risk; hence the approval takes time, and scrutiny becomes more detailed.

Yes, Tribal Loans are legal in Ohio. However, the lenders have to comply with the state laws laid for the same. Therefore, you must be careful before accepting the conditions by checking if the lender is licensed or legit.

Can Payday Loans Sue You in Ohio?

Yes, payday loan lenders in Ohio can sue you if you fail to repay the loan amount or miss installments without informing the lender. In such a case, the company or the lender can take you to court and get the court in their favor to sue you. Consequently, your assets will be confiscated to meet the penalty fees and interest, in addition to the due loan amount.

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