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You can apply for payday loans online in California and receive money on a bank card the same day! If you are denied a loan without interest from the bank, you can urgently take money from lending companies. The probability of receiving money till payday is higher here — small loans are issued to almost everyone, around the clock, without days off and inspection.

You can apply for a loan online. To do this, visit the site and leave an application for a salary loan on the website, which will be immediately considered and replied. If positive, the money is transferred to a credit, debit card, or bank account. The user determines the method of issuing a loan without calls and checks.

The main features of payday loans are:

  • The amount of money provided online is from $200 up to $5,000;
  • Instant approval (reply within an hour);
  • Interest rate from 0.5 to 3% per day, 0% for new customers;
  • Collateral and guarantors are not required;
  • Application processing time from a few minutes;
  • Only a passport and proof of income are required.

If you can’t return the money on time, you can apply for a deferral or extend the payday loan. The service is provided for a fee.

Why Do You Need Payday Loans?

Life can be unexpected so a difficult situation can happen to anyone. You may need a relatively small amount of money for various purposes, and not always you can wait till the payday:

  • Urgent repair or purchase of household appliances, such as a refrigerator, stove, or washing machine.
  • You got unexpectedly invited to a big celebration (wedding, anniversary) and need to buy an expensive gift.
  • Car accidents, falling ill, or buying something you have always dreamt of that is now on sale.

Why don’t you contact a bank in any of these cases? Such organizations provide loans in large sums while requiring impeccable credit history and time to complete the procedure. What about asking family or friends for financial help? At the moment, their situation may not be the best too.

However, there is an obvious way out! Lending organizations offer $255 payday loans on the same online day in California, specializing in relatively small amounts and short terms (up to salary day). They present particularly convenient options because you can get money transferred to the card on the same day!

Get online Instant Cash you need
Get online Instant Cash you need
Get online Instant Cash you need

Which Payday Loan to Choose?

To receive money before the salary on the card online, the client must accurately repay all available overdue payments on loans, fill out the application form, and provide relevant information.

To get money before the salary on the card on favorable terms, pay attention to the following:

  • If you plan to borrow money once, you can contact lending organizations, which offer instant interest-free mini-loans.
  • If you want to become a regular customer of the company, choose a lender who offers a lower rate and increases the credit limit for regular customers.
  • To reduce overpayment, choose programs to receive money online on the card without insurance.

How much money you can take depends on the chosen lending service. The minimum loan amount is usually $200, but you can expect a company to give you more. For instance, you applied for the $300 credit and received $500. If you don’t need the whole sum, don’t spend it. At the same time, new customers, especially those with bad credit histories, are usually disapproved of receiving more than they ask.

The borrower is given 3 to 30 days to repay the loan. Usage interest is accrued according to the term the money is issued and occurs daily. It is important to ensure that the lending organization receives the money before the end of the term specified in the loan agreement. The most common problem with late debt repayment is that bank transfers do not always come to the recipient instantly. The client is sure that they have paid, and the creditor considers them a debtor and has the right to impose a penalty for delay.

California Payday Loans Laws & Regulations

The amount of interest for using credit funds is not limited. On average, lending companies in the USA have three types of offers:

  • loans up to $500 at 0% for new clients;
  • small loans at 0.01% – 0.05%;
  • money to payday at ~ 0.5%.

If the debt is repaid before the terms’ expiration, interest is paid only on the days of actual use of borrowed funds. However, some organizations prefer to set a fixed amount of return immediately, so it makes no sense to send money in advance.

The main advantage of online payday loans is speed. Some organizations consider application forms in just 1 minute. The procedure is as follows:

  • the potential borrower fills in the application;
  • the system checks the data automatically in a few seconds;
  • the operator manually reviews the application;
  • the manager calls the client to agree on the details.

What will happen if you do not repay the debt: fines

Credit organizations work in the legislative field. Therefore, trying to deceive them, hide, or refuse to fulfill obligations makes no sense. Delays in lending organizations, like in banks, negatively impact credit rating.

In case of violation of the payday loans in California repayment terms, the creditor reserves the right to apply penalties to the debtor. In addition, over time, the debt may be resold to a collection agency. In this case, other people will be engaged in debt collection on other terms.


All people, even the most reliable, can face unforeseen circumstances, so lending companies offer customers special opportunities to extend debt. But it is important to ask as soon as possible to get maximally favorable conditions:

  • extension of terms of return without fines;
  • re-lending;
  • termination of accrual of interest with a fixed penalty.

The manager of your chosen company will tell you in detail about the approach in case of impossibility to return on time by phone or in a personal meeting in the office.

What Amount Of Money You Can Borrow in California?

The first loan sum you can receive is usually minimal. In different organizations, you will be given money to pay on a card from $200 to $500. But then, when you pay for the first loans, you become a proven customer. People who have gained the organization’s trust will be able to borrow up to $5000 at the extended terms: from five days to a year.

What Is the Cost of Online Payday Loans in California?

The interest rates are floating for each loan, depending on the amount, term, and purpose. They may differ in different states too. Some lenders do not reduce interest rates much for each subsequent loan or several loans. Some build systems of bonuses, incentives, and benefits. Some vary the percentage depending on the amount and timing. But, of course, everything must be open; lending organizations do not have any hidden payments, which is often the banks’ fault. Luckily, with LoanSolution, everything is simple.

What Do You Need to Apply for a Payday Loan in California?


Applying for California payday loans is a modern way to solve small financial problems. The USA is already a fairly stable area of credit and financial business. Since the loan term and the amount are relatively small, the organizations that provide these services are called lending. Thanks to them, a person who is an adult resident of the country, if necessary, can take a relatively small loan for a short time.

Such loans do not distract customers from the banking sector of credit services. On the contrary, they can be taken faster and easier: you need fewer documents and do not need guarantors or collateral. The USA has several special laws governing lending relations. With their advent, online lending organizations began to grow rapidly.

To borrow money for a salary, you need:

  • be of legal age: you must be 18 or 21 years old — depending on the conditions of the lending organization;
  • it would help if you have a working smartphone with access to the network;
  • you must be a client of an American bank, and you must have a valid bank account;
  • passport or valid ID card;
  • proof of income.

Some lending organizations may require a photo of your documents. Others may block a small amount of money on the card and return it after you verify it is yours.

Unlike banks, lending organizations will not require you to provide collateral, payroll certificates, or guarantors. Are you a student? A young mother on maternity leave? Are you retired? You can take small instant same day payday loans online in California. You will not be denied.

How Fast Can You Get a Payday Loan in California?

Registration speed depends more on how fast you can use your smartphone. As a rule, registration of the application form takes up to 20 minutes. After that, check and permit for the first time — about the same. So in 40 minutes, the requested amount of the online payday loan in California will be credited to your account. You don’t have to go anywhere or listen to offensive refusals. Here you sign a contract, receive a service, and pay for it. That’s all.

Obvious benefits

Getting a loan without visiting the office is possible thanks to the online lending service. The borrower needs to leave an application on the site or call the organization and go through a series of formalities, after which the required amount will be issued conveniently. This service is in demand in various circumstances:

  • a tight schedule that excludes time to visit the office;
  • inability to leave the house due to health problems;
  • the remoteness of the credit organization;
  • urgency in receiving money.

Finally, most lending organizations are loyal to their borrowers and approve online loans on a card with a bad credit history. Therefore, online lending is an affordable way to get the right loan for everyone. Availability and high speed of approval are the main advantages of this method of obtaining funds.

How to Get Payday Loans in California With Bad Credit?

Unfortunately, we are not insured against situations where money may be urgently needed. It is good if you have an impeccable credit history and can contact a bank. But what should people with bad credit history do? Even if they have already been repaid, you can no longer count on a bank approving the loan. Does it mean that it is now impossible to borrow money? Not at all. You can apply to a lending organization — almost all organizations issue online loans with a bad credit history.

If you want to fix your credit history, working with LoanSolution is one of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve it. Take a few small online payday loans in California and pay them on time — after a few timely repayments, you can expect that banks will begin to see you as a reliable, solvent borrower.

As we have already found out, if you need to apply for a loan online on a card with a bad credit history, it is best to contact a lending organization — the probability of approval is up to 98%. You need to follow these requirements of lending organizations to potential borrowers:

  • loans are available only to adult citizens. The upper age limit can also be set;
  • only citizens of the USA can apply for a loan;
  • people who have worked at their last place of work for at least one year will be able to count on the approval of the loan application. However, no one will ask for documentary evidence of your experience, only the proof of income;
  • it is also necessary to provide lending organizations with scans or photographs of identity documents. In addition to the main passport, creditors may require an additional document — passport, ID, or driver’s license;
  • if you receive credit money on a bank card, you need to go through the verification procedure and link it to your account on the lending organization’s website.

As you can see, the requirements for taking out a loan are minimal: you should be an adult citizen of the USA, have a permanent job, and have a bank account to receive money after your application is approved. Applying for a payday loan in California has never been easier!

Apply for instant payday loaninCalifornia
Apply for instant payday loan
Apply for instant payday loan
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Does California Allow Payday Loans?

The law of California recognizes and legalizes payday loans for its residents. As a result, consumers can borrow $300 for no more than 31 days. The maximum a lender can charge for payday loans in California is 15%.

What Do You Need for Payday Loan California?

Borrowing payday loans is legal in California; still, you must meet specific criteria. All California payday borrowers must be 18 years or more, have an active bank account, provide valid documents (like SSN and ID), and show proof of income and employment. These details are mandatory, but some lenders might require more information for loan approvals. You might need to provide the following:

  • Personal documents could be a valid state ID or driver’s license;
  • Proof of income can be bank receipts and statements;
  • Proof of employment can be a job letter or a valid document from your employer.

How Many Payday Loans Can You Get in California?

The law only allows one payday loan at any given time. It means you must repay an existing loan before taking another one. The state requires you to wait for at least 24 hours to reapply for a payday loan once you repay the existing one. If you were to apply for a payday loan before repaying the active one, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has data for lenders to check, and the lender will reject your loan request.

Where Can I Borrow Money in California?

Many payday lenders in California issue payday loans to residents and non-residents. You can get them online or at physical stores. For example, LoanSolution is one of the established online services where you can get payday loans in California.

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