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Last Updated 22.07.2021

It can be difficult to cover emergencies, especially when you don’t have any savings. If you are a resident of Oregon who needs additional cash, you can utilize your Oregon car title to get a loan.

Title Loans Oregon: Overview

You can easily qualify for it by following a quick application process. Title loans offer a short-term solution for those who need speedy financial assistance.

Besides having the best rates and terms, Oregon title loans can provide you with any amount depending on your car type. However, if you consider getting a title loan, check Oregon’ title loan laws.

Where Are Title Loans In Oregon Issued?


If you are looking for a title loan in Oregon, you needn’t worry about finding trusted lenders. This is because those who wish to apply can find a provider on our website. Only

licensed lenders are allowed to provide online title loans Oregon services.

Make sure that the lender has a specific license to offer title loans before agreeing to borrow any cash. You can find a complete list of licensed lenders on the LoanSolution.com website.

What Are the Requirements to Qualify for an Oregon Title Loan?

It is crucial to understand the requirements first. Borrowers must physically possess the title to the vehicle they wish to secure for the loan. During the lending process, a person must hand over the vehicle’s title to the lender.

Besides having the title in your legal name, the car should also be fully paid for. This means that you cannot get a title loan Oregon if you are paying another credit on the vehicle in question. In addition, to determine the amount of cash you qualify for, lenders will have to gauge your vehicle’s current market value.

Applicants need to provide the following information:

  • Legal name and address
  • Contact number
  • Identification document
  • Title of the car
  • Proof of income
  • Registration details of the vehicle

Getting an online title loan Oregon involves a very simple process: just complete the application, and the lender’s representatives will reach back to you. Alternatively, you can choose to call them directly to walk you through the process. Afterward, you will be provided with a check or money order that equals the loan amount. Luckily, you are still free to use your car even after obtaining the title loan.

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Is It Secure to Get a Title Loan Online?

Applying for online title loans Oregon is safe and secure. However, it’s crucial to ensure that you work with a trustworthy and reliable company for the best deals. This is much better than if you research for an accredited lender on your own.

Besides, a car title loans Oregon contract is not complicated, and the most important parts are usually highlighted. Reasonable rates and interests will surprise you since you can’t find anything close to that anywhere else in Oregon. Our site will gladly offer you information about trustworthy companies to reach out to.

How Many Title Loans Can You Apply for In Oregon?


Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation where you need more money than you can find with only one online title loan. In typical cases, providers offer sufficient loan amounts; however, customers may need more for various reasons. In such scenarios, obtaining two title loans in Oregon can be an option to consider. However, it doesn’t work that way. It is impossible to get two of them in the same car at the same time. Nevertheless, you could apply for another loan on the same vehicle after meeting all dues on the first loan. Luckily, you are allowed to take out two title loans simultaneously, provided you have two vehicles. The rules and procedures still apply; each vehicle you use must have a free title and will have to be inspected. You may also qualify for two title loans in Nevada at the same time if you are living with another person, including spouses and roommates, who have a vehicle with a clear title in their name. The bottom line is that you can take out two car title loans as long as the vehicles are free of any liens. After clearing an outstanding loan, consumers must wait for a minimum of 15 days before taking out another debt. This period allows lenders to search databases to verify that the applicant has no outstanding title loan.

How Does a Title Loan Oregon Work?

If you require quick cash, a car title loan might be the solution. It is straightforward and easy to apply. Like a payday loan, car title loans are small financial assistance for a short period, typically 30 days. As for collateral, the lender has permission to own the car’s title until you repay it entirely. These loans are appealing since they don’t require a credit check, and you can continue to drive your vehicle. Moreover, it features a seamless and quick application process that can take as little as fifteen to forty-five minutes only.

However, to be qualified, lenders require your car to be clear and free, which means you should not have an outstanding loan on it.

Upon being approved, you will give the provider the title. Although you may continue driving your car, some lenders choose to install GPS or other tracking devices. Some would also make a copy of your keys. Both of these tactics are put in place to help lenders repossess your car after defaulting on the loan.

What Documents Do I Need to Prepare for a Title Loan?

Among the most important documents for a car title loan is the title. You will also need a state-issued identification card, proof of residence, and income. On LoanSolution.com, you can view the list of trusted providers who can lend you cash using your auto title as collateral. They are open to anyone in need if you show a few documents. Below are the reasons why these documents are necessary.

  • Having a driver’s license or Social Security Number is essential to verify your identity. If you don’t have it, a valid ID card or passport will do as well.
  • You also are required to show proof of residence. This is because a provider cannot operate in all states; thus, your state of residency will help determine the perfect company to work with.
  • Also, you are expected to prove your income. However, you can still obtain the loan even if you are not employed. For instance, retirees can submit retirement account statements, SSA, or pension, while self-employed people can provide business financial documents and tax records. These are essential to make sure you will repay the loan.

Can I Use My Boat to Take out a Title Loan?

Title loans are issued using personal property as collateral. Similar to cars, boats can be used to get title loans. However, it must be inspected first and insured since boats that are not fully covered are not accepted. All you have to do is provide all documents upon request in addition to proof of income.

How Quick Is the Oregon Title Loan Process?

With a car title loan, your vehicle’s value is appraised, and you receive cash based on your ability to repay the loan and the value of your car. Since the latter is used as collateral, there is no need to run credit checks or wait for bank approvals.

In turn, this saves time, starting from the quick application to the instant cash disbursement. Presenting your car and its title with you upon request speeds up the loan process, enabling you to receive your money within 30 minutes. In short, getting a title loan in Oregon is a quick and efficient process to cater to your emergencies.

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